LaidOffCamp / LaidOffCamp Asheville Sponsor Letter
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LaidOffCamp Asheville Sponsor Letter

LaidOffCamp is a day-long unconference for unemployed and nontraditionally employed people (including freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups) in Asheville who want to share ideas and learn from each other. At LaidOffCamp, attendees will discuss topics in sessions that may include: living on an extreme budget, building your personal brand, how to be a freelance consultant and more. Asheville LaidOffCamp date is yet to be determined. Expected attendance at LaidOffCamp Asheville is 200 people.


Email to sponsor LaidOffCamp Asheville or get more information.


Sponsorships are necessary to cover: (items crossed out have already been sponsored)

  • We need space - prefereably where workshops can be held, exhibitor/job area, commons/food area
  • Donations for food
  • Donations for supplies
  • Donations for tables/chairs
  • Marketing - PR, flyers, email announcements 



  • As a sponsor, you'll have your name listed on the event wiki, on flyers around the event, and we'll thank you during and at the end of the conference.
  • If you attend the event, you'll have the opportunity set up a table during lunch to showcase your products and meet / network with attendees
  • You'll have your company's name associated with a great organization, and earn the goodwill and attention of Asheville's unemployed / nontraditionally employed people in attendance, and countless others scattered across the country via the wiki. And all for just a few hundred bucks!


Recent sponsors:

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Recent Press:

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Two things I want to make sure to stress:

  1. Please don't sponsor LaidOffCamp as a favor to me. Do this if it makes sense for you or your business. I don't anticipate a shortage of sponsor interest.
  2. If I had to choose between you attending the event and you sponsoring the event, I'd much rather you attended.


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