LaidOffCamp / NY Feedback notes
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NY Feedback notes



What went well?





Sense of community


Good topics


Grid got everyone involved


Session Leaders were knowledgable


Session timing was good




Healthy debate


Easy to get to - great directions!


No pitches, non-commercial


Clear ground rules up front


Acknoledged people involved


Made connections


Great communication


Sessions were interactive (due to size, content)


Breadth and specificity of topics


People were friendly, open and helpful.


People were available and not buried in their phones


Positive tone


Well Run (thanks!)


Easy sign up







Panel should have included questions




What could we do better?






More Water


Spend more time describing ways to participate


Hard to hear - space acoustics


Waiting period in the morning


Could have used a hard copy of schedule


Sessions printed and posted around


Signaling interest in sessions early on


Open sessions in the afternoon for "wildcard" sessions


Recorded sessions/podcasting


Not enough projectors


Later start time


hand mics for larger rooms


People hiring (would people be able to speak/act freely?)


          Block off time for recruiters


          Would people come just for recruiters


Freelance camp?


Knowing people's field & interests




Interaction and shared information with simultaneous LaidOffCamps


LaidOffCamp events on front page of


Re-introduce LaidOffCamp concept/logistics after lunch for people who come late 







Keynote not a great use of time


Waiting period before start




What else could LaidOffCamp become?




Source of information



Evolve with the times



Evolve with new technology



Skills development



     online and offline



     Specialized workshops



Follow-up meetups on session topics







What's next?





Session leader contact info on wiki



Wiki pages for sessions






Runway Project





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