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NY Organizers LOCNY1






James Baring | @ | 

Rob Blatt | @robblatt |

Podcast producer and Emmy and Oscar winning audio engineer looking for work. also a Community Advocate.  Rob is looking for work creating or managing media, audio engineering or project managing.  Find his resume at

Chris Cassanello | @chriscassanello | @2b2p

Peter Chislett | @chislett |

Jesse Fallick | @

Jesse Ma | @majesse is a recent law school graduate and an aspiring entrepreneur seeking to develop innovative solutions using the internet and the online community.  Jesse enjoys tossing around ideas over good food and drinks and reading, learning, and writing about gizmos, gadgets, the law, and everything else.  As a Bay Area native, Jesse loves wearing hoodies, boardshorts, and flip-flops and hanging out with friends under the sun. 

Nate Heasley |


  Dwight Irving | @CrossroadsAngel Irving grew up in farm country and has since wandered through the fields of research instrumentation design, high performance and distributed computing architecture, telecommunications, and Social Network methodology.  While blogging and offering services in communications and Social Networking design and strategy at SociaCall,  Dwight is also working to launch, a B2B social network for the performing arts.  Dwight is known for his high energy, and occasionally unorthodox, presentations on topics that explore the relationships between technical trends, business opportunity and human nature.

Jonah Keegan | @arsblog | manager with ad-tech and social web experience ready to launch and grow your company's next website or web-feature. Contact me @arsblog or jonahpkeegan at gmail dot com.

Matthew Mahoney | @mpm | @endeavorprep & CEO, Endeavor Prep.  After senior roles in and consulting to over 25 industries, Matthew Mahoney founded Endeavor Prep in 2007 to ensure more people -- 100 million more -- do what they love. Endeavor Prep is the trusted career advisor for young professionals seeking to discover, design and launch a work life worth living.

Sara Wingert | @limespark


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