NY Outreach Meeting 03-17-09

Call-in: +1 218 844 3377, code: 3366 9988#

Participants: Peter, Sharon, Dwight, Chris, Matt

(Matt's notes)


Next Steps



Who do we want to help?


Clarifying Outreach vs Marketing teams


Outreach team: what do people want to work on?



Outreach Channels


How do we want to work?


Open questions



Sharon: James Baring likely to have press release draft ready by Mon

Dwight: let's add companies that are growing - cleantech, healthcare, education

Dwight: do we have a list of any inbound contacts   

Peter: no inbound yet

Chris: hiring managers, recruiters

Matt: niche bloggers, related online projects 

Dwight: communications bloggers,    financial services, green company 

Peter: fb group, fb outreach to other groups, co-tweet account @laidoffcampny

Peter: if you want to co-tweet, ping me, will prep you

Peter: let's make sure to get people who don't live in the online bubble (e.g. finance) and at different stages of life

Peter: recently reached out to meetups: contact organizer, then post note


Next Steps